The Stradivarius is More Than Just an Instrument

Stringed instruments are part of many different cultures throughout the world, but violins have long been recognized as one of the most refined musical instruments. An advanced musician can help the audience experience many different emotions while they play, and it is recognized as an instrument that is one of the best at enhancing the emotional content of any piece. For those who are lucky enough to have access, the Stradivarius violin is a work of art.

While the original maker of these beautiful instruments has long since passed, his gift to the world continues in the form of those instruments that survive to this day. There has been some debate over whether or not his violins are really better than all others, but any musician playing one feels the honor of being able to play an extraordinary instrument to produce the best tones available to match the music they are presenting to their audience. Even if there is no scientific reason to believe they are better, the musician can achieve their best music just knowing how special it is to play one of them.