An Ancient Instrument

The shiny metal of the flute is an instrument that is easy to recognize, but that is a modern flute which is very different from the original. While there is a long history for this amazing instrument, the original version was made from bones and ivory. Modern flutes are made of metal and have sweet tones that blend well in any orchestra, yet they are descended from an instrument that has been used by man for thousands of years. Aptly named as mankind’s oldest musical device, the flute is an ancient instrument that has gone through a few changes over the centuries.

Germany is the country where the both the original flutes of mankind and the modern flute flourished. The ancient version was used for many centuries, and examples dating back thousands of years have been found. For those looking for examples of the more modern instrument, a German flautist created the modern version of metal that is used by musicians today. The modern version has only been around for a little more than a century, but most modern musicians accept it as the only version.

Ancient man used only the materials at hand, and metal was far from being an everyday ingredient when the first flutes were used. The bones of birds and the ivory of mammoths are said to be the materials used in forming the first instruments, and they were blown into to create the musical notes. Just like the instruments of today, they produced a variety of tones that could be shaped into melodies by those who practiced using them.

Few people make a habit of studying the most ancient instruments of man, but those who do might still recognize a flute of any era. While the methods and materials have changed, the love of creating melodies with instruments remains the same.